Seismic Foundation Control was founded to become the definitive source of seismic and vibration-dampening systems in the world, thus protecting residential and small commercial buildings from earthquake damage at a relatively low cost.   This completely new foundation system, aims to be the worldwide resource for base isolator seismic protection for these building within five (5) years. Seismic Foundation Control also plans to develop vibration and shock dampening support frames for high-tech fabrication equipment.

"Quake Guard " Base Isolator 
  • Saves Lives
  • Prevents and Reduces Property Damage
  • Lower Insurance Premiums
  • Seismic foundation system has been tested and is now ready to market. 
  • Seismic Foundation also plans to develop vibration and shock-dampening support for frames on high-tech fabrication equipment.
  • Quake Guard is better protection and more cost effective when compared to other technologies.
  • Patented Seismic Support System will change how we prepare for Earthquakes

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Earthquake Protection Foundation System

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